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Kristina Schulz
Kristina SchulzUpdated 5 months ago

Free feature-filled audio player

Spotify is a free multimedia player you can customize to your listening preferences. Spotify uses artificial intelligence to understand your preferences and delivers customized charts based on your patterns. For example, the Spotify audio birth chart gives you an astrological reading in which artists will be matched with a moon rising and sun sign.

Apple Music and SoundCloud are popular alternatives that let you follow users in the community on each platform. All applications regularly deliver specialized charts based on your listening history. They all also allow you to check their songs' lyrics so you can sing along.

Is Spotify really free?

While Spotify is free to use, the service is based on a freemium platform. The free version has setbacks like advertisements in the user interface. Although ads often interrupt your songs, you can upgrade Spotify to a paid package for an ad-free experience.

Another benefit of the subscription plans is that you get unlimited skips, whereas the free account limits your number of skips. The premium plans let you download music to listen to anywhere. AI will randomly choose songs for free users, while paid members can choose any song to listen to. You can choose from a couple of subscription plans.

Since Spotify is cross-platform, you can use the mobile app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Spotify is available for Chromebook, Linux, and Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. With the web player, you can also get Spotify directly in your web browser.

A feature called Spotify Connect lets you use your Spotify app like a remote to listen to your media on another device. Spotify Connect is compatible with more than 2,000 accessories. However, certain electronics require a Spotify premium membership to sync with the platform.

You can connect to another device by tapping the remote and TV image next to the volume bar in the lower right corner of the UI. A menu will appear to let you choose between different rooms in the house to play your content.

Is Spotify worth it?

Spotify is worth getting since the music library is extremely extensive. You can search for albums, artists, songs, genres, etc. Podcasts are another form of media that Spotify has in addition to music. Spotify has many mainstream and niche podcasts available to listen to. The music and podcast libraries are constantly updated to remain relevant.

The user interface is intuitively organized, with tabs in the upper left corner. The “Home” area is filled with suggestions based on your activity. Your recommendations will become more personalized as you listen to songs on Spotify. Spotify is the best app to use to discover new music. Your recently played playlists and podcasts are found in the Home tab.

The people you follow will be listed on the right beneath the Friend Activity title. You can see basic information about each account, like profile pictures and names. More detailed info is available, like the most recent songs they listened to and how long ago they were last using Spotify, and even the current song, they have on is updated in real-time.

The Search segment lets you find specific content. Spotify gives you categories to consider browsing in the Search section. A long list of podcast and music genres is available, and you can click on a category to see the suggestions. The Your Library tab delivers a summary of your liked songs and playlists, along with lists of songs that you curated.

Playlists with mixes that you created and liked are available on the main screen on the left. Start a playlist with the “Create Playlist” option to add songs or episodes. You can edit your curation by selecting a cover image, title, and description. Additionally, it’s much easier to learn new songs now as the application plays lyrics alongside the music. These are guaranteed to be accurate since Musixmatch supports the feature.

What is the catch with Spotify?

Almost half of the hundreds of millions of users pay for the platform, and Spotify is working to increase the number of paying customers. The urge to make money is apparent since advertisements have increased in the free app. Multiple ads, often played one after the other, can easily become frustrating for most users.

Sponsored headers line the top of the UI that you cannot exit out of, and posters pop up while you use Spotify that you can either click on or close. You can get rid of the announcements when you buy a membership. Spotify is still a program worth having since free and paid users can access the same music libraries.

Suggested songs will be curated for every Spotify account type. The customized playlists that Spotify creates for you allow you to discover new songs. Since Spotify delivers customized lists, you can easily find new music to tune into. The ‘Daily Mixes’ are curations that Spotify updates daily for you.

Day 1 Club Spotify is another chart based on your activity that keeps track of the rappers you listen to in the Rap Caviar playlist. Spotify tracks your listening history to list your most listened-to music yearly.

A feed similar to the video app TikTok

To improve the chances of users finding new content, Spotify is redesigning its core home screen. The design is inspired by short-form video feeds, which have become increasingly popular recently through platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The new features include several improvements that will make it easier for users and subscribers to gain access to content. Its unique features include discovery feeds that scroll vertically, a mode that makes playlist recommendations based on a smart shuffle algorithm, its ability to play podcasts automatically, and more.

Some features will not be available to everyone. For example, Smart Shuffle is only for subscribers, while other features, like the TikTok-inspired feeds, will be available to everyone. You can also listen to music while you scroll through the recommendation feed, and the app will automatically mute it for you. The new podcast feed features a vertical scrolling interface similar to the music feeds. Unless it’s a video podcast, you won't be able to preview a looping video. Instead, they are given short audio segments from podcast episodes and real-time transcripts. Further, you can scroll through the podcast recommendations vertically with or without audio.

Personalized listening experience

Spotify lets you listen to music and podcasts for free. Spotify is convenient since it is cross-platform, and you can download the application on your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet devices. Whether you decide to create your own playlists of music or tune into the premade lists from Spotify that are based on your activity, you will get a personalized music experience.

What’s new?

Spotify has a large community of developers that can contribute to improving the platform. New software updates are added to Spotify often. You can get the best user experience when your app is up to date with the latest software version.


  • Cross-platform
  • Curated playlists
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Real-time friend activity
  • Podcast and music libraries


  • Limited features in the free version

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Spotify for Mac

  • Free

  • In English
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  • 4.1

  • Security Status

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