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Help & Info about Spotify for mac

  • Is Spotify Free?

    Although there is no charge for using Spotify, people who opt for the free version will only be able to use limited features. Users are permitted to listen to songs and even create their own playlists for free, although it is only possible to skip tracks six times in an hour.
  • What are the Advantages of Spotify Premium?

    People who want to be able to listen to specific songs will need to upgrade to Premium. In addition to being able to skip songs as often as desired, Premium users can also search for and select specific songs and download them, while this version is also free from adverts.
  • Is Spotify Easy to Use?

    The software can be used both on a desktop computer and as an app for mobile phones and ones it has been downloaded is fairly easy to get to grips with. Users simply need to double click on the icon and sign in and then a list of songs, albums and artists will be presented for users to choose from so that they can start listening to music.
  • Can Spotify Show Lyrics?

    In order to show lyrics of the songs that are playing, users need to click on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen. Lyrics are only supplied in English and for certain songs, although downloading the SoundHop app and running it with Spotify will give users access to lyrics for many more songs.
  • What is Crossfade?

    Crossafde is a special feature that comes into effect when two tracks are played back to back. As one track comes to an end, the feature can be used to make it fade out gradually so that it blends into the start of the next track.
  • Is Spotify Safe to Download?

    Users are provided with a special app that they need to download to start listening to music. The software is designed to be very safe and free from viruses and although users need to supply a few personal details in order to sign up, the company is committed to keeping personal information safe.
  • Can Spotify be Used Offline?

    The software comes with an offline mode that makes it possible for users to store more than three thousand songs so that they can be played at any time. However, this feature is only available to people who have paid for the Premium version and verification is required every thirty days.
  • Do You Have to Subscribe?

    To use Spotify it is necessary to create an account. Signing up takes only a couple of minutes and users need to create a username and password and then supply a few personal details such as name, date of birth and email address. New users will then be sent a confirmation email with a link that they need to click on to complete the signup process.
  • Can Spotify Play MP3?

    Both mp3 and mp4 files are supported by the software and the best way to run them is by installing QuickTime. This allows users to play their own tracks from their personal libraries if they wish and add those tracks to their playlists.
  • Is Spotify Open Source?

    The music that is supplied with the software is technically closed source and permission to use the content. However, a few open source versions have been created by users that provide access to all content without limitation.


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