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Help & Info about Spotify for windows

  • Is Spotify free?

    There is a free version of Spotify, but it is littered with ads. You can pay for the software if you are really annoyed by the adverts. A paid subscription also gives you benefits such as the ability to stream higher quality content, and other perks.
  • Can I pay for songs with a credit card?

    Any purchases made are deemed to be “purchases” as per the distance selling rules. As a result, you are able to pay with a credit card without having to pay extra fees. If you are only looking for individual songs, then you may only pay with a credit card at the moment.
  • How big is the song library?

    The number of songs on Spotify is currently unknown because the number seems to change quite often. Some songs are on there and are not available for download. Nevertheless, at any one time, it is believed that there are over 30 millions songs on Spotify that may be played and several million that may be downloaded.
  • Can my own MP3 files be added into the Spotify program?

    You may import your MP3 files from your mobile device or desktop device into the Spotify program. This includes MP3 files that were not originally downloaded from the Spotify network.
  • Is there a separate app for artists who wish to upload?

    There is an app for artists who wish to upload their songs and mixes into the system, but it is a completely different app and has nothing to do with the regular Spotify app.
  • What should I do if the songs keep skipping or freezing?

    Is there a chance that your Internet connection is not perfect? In which case, you may like to stream with a lower speed setting. Simply enable a lower stream quality setting. Try switching from 4G mobile data to Wi-Fi to see if the situation improves.
  • How do I disconnect from Facebook?

    If you would like to disconnect your Facebook account from the app or the Spotify software/account, then you need to go to “Edit” and edit your “Preferences” where you will see your Facebook options
  • What should you do if your music still skips and judders and your Internet connection is okay?

    Try going to “Edit” and editing your “Preferences” and disabling the hardware acceleration. This may clear up your problem. Uninstalling and reinstalling sometimes works too.
  • If I sign in using Facebook, can I still create an account?

    Some people use Facebook to sign up to Spotify, and if you use Facebook to sign up then that is the only way you may sign up. If you disconnect Facebook from your account, then you need to sign up with a new account name and password. You must then use the appropriate contact form and ask the admin team to transfer your playlist over to your new account.
  • How do I clear or clean my Spotify cache files?

    You may be able to do it manually using your own device, or if your current device has cleaning software such as CCLeaner. You may clear your cache files by going to “Edit” and edit your “Preferences” where you will see the cleanup/cache-clearing options.


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