Spotify update gives more space to podcasts

Patrick Devaney


Spotify’s homepage has long been the place where a lot of people discover new music and learn about new episodes of their favorite podcasts. The streaming giant has announced a new update, however, that is going to break up that old routine by giving podcasts and new shows their very own tab on the home screen. In essence, Spotify is splitting the home screen in two. Let’s check out this change in more detail.

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In a blog post announcing a major makeover to the Spotify mobile app homepage, the streaking platform has announced that users will be able to access separate feeds for “Music” and “Podcasts and Shows”.

Spotify update gives more space to podcasts

Tapping on the new Music tab will show you the artists and playlists you have been listening to recently and will also show up all the recommendations that Spotify has for you based on your listening habits.

Heading over to the new Podcasts and Shows tab, however, will give you access to the latest episodes of your favorite podcasts as well as serving up recommendations for new podcasts that Spotify thinks you may be interested in.

The good thing about the move is that by giving Podcasts and Shows their own tab on the homepage, Spotify now has space to include extra useful information such as the synopses for new episodes. This means users won’t have to manually open an individual episode to gain access to that information.

Generally, however, the update declutters the homepage and offers Spotify users a much more intuitive user experience. Yes, music and podcasts are both audio experiences, which is why Spotify offers them to users but beyond that association, they are fundamentally different listening experiences.

This also lines up nicely with Spotify’s upcoming move to offer audiobooks too. The homepage was already buckling under its offering of two distinct audio content types so adding audiobooks to the mix would have created an even bigger mess. Everything is ready now for a third Audiobooks tab when Spotify officially launches the new feature. The update has already started rolling out to Android users and iOS users will soon get access to it too.

In other recent Spotify news, the streaming platform has relented to user pressure and implemented a separate play and shuffle button.

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