Spotify testing Instagram-like stories feature

Jacob Yothment


Spotify is testing a new feature similar to Instagram’s “Stories” feature, according to an article from TechCrunch.

Spotify feature

The new feature, called “Storyline,” will allow artists to share their insights into the creative process of their music.

Spotify Storyline
Source: Thomas Ricker / The Verge

For example, if T-Pain releases a new album, he can go into the deeper meaning behind his songs in Storyline. Users could sift from segment to segment in Storyline to the parts they want to see. Each part of the Storyline would be static text and video.


“We are always testing new ways to create better experiences for more users,” a spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch. The spokesperson confirmed that Storyline is being tested.

Spotify does already have a feature that shows the lyrics of a song, and some of the insight behind them. 

However, the feature was known to be incorrect at times. In one case, Hayley Williams from Paramore tweeted at Spotify to correct “outdated facts” in one of her band’s songs.

Right now, there is no set release date. Also, none of the testers are in the U.S. However, the new feature would give Spotify original content, which users have noted is lacking on the app. Reddit users have spotted the feature on songs from the Jonas Brothers and Billie Elish. 

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