Is Spotify Premium worth it?

Troy Zaher


Most people know Spotify Premium for its lack of ads. This is one of its biggest selling points, as Spotify believes that’s the main reason why people would want to switch to the Premium version. And while for some that is enough of a reason, others might still be on the fence. Here are a few questions you should be asking yourself before you decide to take the leap and go all in on Spotify Premium.

1. How often do you use Spotify?

The very first question you should be asking yourself is whether you use Spotify enough to justify the cost. If you’re using Spotify every day, then obviously you’ll be able to notice a difference between using Premium and having the free version. However, if you’re using Spotify less often, you may not even see ads all that frequently.

2. Do you typically use it on a desktop or as a mobile app?

This is probably one of the largest factors to consider before upgrading. While the app version does not allow you to play specific songs without paying for Spotify (instead featuring a shuffle system similar to Pandora), the Windows version does. This is a feature that is a main selling point for the app version, but is less useful if you mostly listen to Spotify on a desktop.

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3. Do you use Hulu?

If you’re already paying for Hulu, then getting Spotify Premium is actually pretty cheap. They have a deal where you can get both Premium and Hulu’s Limited Commercials for $12.99. This is only a few dollars more for each of the services. If you use both Spotify and Hulu, then there this deal is well worth the money. Additionally, there is an extremely discounted rate for students.

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4. Do you plan to use its offline features?

Another big selling point for Spotify Premium is the ability to download songs and listen to them offline. Maybe part of the reason you don’t use Spotify frequently right now is because you don’t have consistent internet access where you would be using it. If that’s the case, then Spotify Premium would be something to look into, since you can download songs on multiple devices with it, so it doesn’t require internet access.

Overall, paying for Spotify can be great for convenience, but only if you are using the app version on a regular basis. You want to make sure your money is being well spent on a product that you’re using. It’s up to you to decide whether you feel you put in enough time for it to make a difference. Thankfully, Spotify offers a free trial for the first month of its service, so you can take advantage of that to find out whether you feel it’s a good fit for you or not.

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