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These 4 Spotify Premium features can make you happier

Jeremy Milliner


When we upgraded to Spotify Premium, it was pretty much because we wanted ad-free playlists with unlimited skips. We had no idea of the many other features that Spotify boasted until we gave it a thorough look. We already knew it had every artist under the sun, but that’s surprisingly just the tip of the iceberg.

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One of the more charming features is Spotify’s knack for arranging and suggesting tracks to add to our playlists. Making a playlist with Spotify Premium is easy: Just right-clicking on the playlists menu brings up a drop-down with that option along with half a dozen others.

Create a Similar Playlist

‘Create a similar playlist’ immediately makes a list about 75 percent the size of the original. The new playlist will have songs from the copied list shuffled in with a ton of other songs similar to the genre and artists from the first. This is a great way to introduce some new flavor to a playlist while still keeping true to the tone of the initial one.

Not happy with the new songs Spotify added? Scroll to the bottom of any one of your playlists and you’ll see a refreshable list of 10 different songs that fit the style and vibe of whatever list you made. Just click ‘add’ and any recommended song can immediately join the playlist. Refresh again for more, rinse, repeat.

Discover Weekly

Probably our favorite feature, Discover Weekly does just what the name implies: Every Monday Spotify pulls together 30 new tracks based on the music in your other playlists. That means every week you get a new list and it will have music as consistent (or as varied) as your own collection.

This will introduce you to deep cuts, remasters, and covers of songs you know and love, and also similar artists and tracks that you may have forgotten about. In all likelihood, you will find some that you never even knew you liked.

Your Daily Mix

This feature is another awesome example of how Spotify Premium can make playlists of music similar to other tracks you’ve chosen. Besides updating every day as opposed to every week, the way this differs from ‘Discover Weekly’ is that ‘Your Daily Mix’ divides into six different categories, each one an “endless mix.”

What this means is that as you go down the list it will pull tracks of a similar genre, some of which you’ll know, and some of which will be new discoveries. If your taste in music is especially eclectic, these mixes might be your favorite element of Spotify Premium since these mixes can be drastically different from each other.

Genres and Moods

Lastly, clicking ‘Browse’ on the left and scrolling down will take you to a bunch of various ‘genres and moods’, each opening up to a half a dozen subcategories, all of which are playlists comprised of over a hundred songs.

Regardless of what you’re doing or how you’re feeling, Spotify has you covered. With fast, intuitive software to build your own playlists and clever algorithms to constantly find you new tracks, there’s finally a place for all your music, present and future.

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