Spotify Wrapped presents your 2021 playlist in different ways

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Whether you’ve had a rough or pleasant 2021, Spotify Wrapped is here once again to highlight your top musical choices of the year. This time, we see a few updates to how it works, and you can now access it on a variety of channels. It’s an excellent way to enter the holiday season as you contemplate what you’ve done and what you’ll do in 2022.

Let’s take a look at how it works and how you can access Spotify Wrapped.

Spotify Wrapped presents your 2021 playlist in different ways

What is Spotify Wrapped 2021?

Initially released in 2016, Spotify Wrapped presents to you all your favorite songs and bands you listened to throughout the year. You have a personalized playlist, which you can share with friends, family, and followers to showcase what 2021 has been like for you. It’s an incredible way to wrap up the year into tunes.

Spotify Wrapped

How Spotify Wrapped works

For Spotify to deliver a personal playlist of 2021 songs and bands, it requires you to be a member of the music network. It uses data that is collected throughout the year, collating and placing them into a stunning playlist for you to listen through. You may get goosebumps as songs remind you of the good and bad times.

How to access Spotify Wrapped 2021

To access your Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist, head into your mobile app and sign in to your account. If it’s available, you’ll see a banner that states “Your 2021 Wrapped” that you can tap on. If you don’t see it, you can search for Wrapped 2021 in the search bar, but it may reveal playlists for other people.

Once you find it, tap on the banner. It will take you to the Story mode, where you can view your playlist stats. Under the playlist, you’ll find a menu with all the available features listed for your Android or iOS phone.

Spotify Wrapped

Top Spotify Wrapped features

Are you still wondering if Spotify Wrapped 2021 is worth all the hype? Here are some of the features you’ll find in the update.

Experience your personal playlist in different ways

Spotify didn’t merely put some songs together from the data it received. The team behind the event put some extra work in to make sure you celebrate the year you’ve had. Here are the ways you can enjoy your Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist:

  • 2021: The Movie: this feature connects your tops songs of the year with movie scenes
  • Audio Aura: experts took two of your top moods and display them like an aura accompanied by your music playlist
  • Playing Cards: Spotify creates an interactive game that collates statements about your year based on data, and you and your friends will need to guess which ones are true
  • 2021 Wrapped Blend: Thanks to the new Blend feature Spotify introduced earlier this year, you can blend your playlist with your friends to see how it comes together

Share with your followers

What’s the point in having a personalized Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist if you can’t share it? As with previous years, you can tap on a button to send your cards to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. For an added bonus, you can now share it on TikTok too.

The 2021 Wrapped hub

The Wrapped hub is the central location for several playlists, including your own. It consists of curated content, so you’re assured of only seeing the best tracks and compilations. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Your Top Songs 2021: Head down memory lane and see which songs you listened to the most
  • Your Top Artists Revealed for 2021: See which artists you enjoyed the most and hear some of their best tracks
  • Top Artists & Tracks 2021: Listen to which bands and songs streamed the most on Spotify worldwide
  • Best New Podcasts of 2021: Check out which podcasts were listened to the most
  • Best Episodes of 2021: See which podcasts episodes were the most popular
  • The Best of 2021: The ultimate collection of everything for the year

The creative experience

Spotify Wrapped 2021 doesn’t only focus on listeners but also on the creators of the content. From artists to podcasters, they can all see how fans interacted with songs and episodes and how many times they were featured. You can also see special videos of creators thanking you for your support if they are in your playlist.

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify guides

If you’re new to the music platform, you’ll probably only get your wrapped playlist in 2022. Should you want to learn how to use Spotify, here are some helpful guides:

How was your year in music?

We’re all excited to get our Spotify Wrapped 2021 playlist. We hope you had a good year and that your music reflects it. It’s a fantastic feature to end the year, while it prepares our minds for the next one. Did you enjoy your playlist? Feel free to share it with us so we can hear it too!

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