Spotify now has a Lite app for Android too

Patrick Devaney


It is still a test, and the icon says “beta,” but Spotify has launched Spotify Lite for Android. We’ve recently seen a spate of apps releasing basic versions of themselves so that users with older or slower phones can access their services. Spotify Lite is the latest and offers a much simpler version of the Spotify experience.

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Compared to the likes of Facebook’s Lite apps or Google’s Go apps, Spotify Lite has cut a lot of the main app’s experience. Despite their smaller file size and less resource intensive operation, Facebook and Google have managed to maintain most of what their main apps offer. Spotify Lite has managed to cut its size down considerably but to achieve this, a lot of the Spotify experience that we know and love has been cut.

Spotify Lite saves data but sacrifices functionality
It is Spotify, but there is a lot missing

Spotify Lite offers users the ability to play random tracks from suggested playlists. The playlists are automatically set to shuffle, and there is no option turn off shuffle. That is pretty much it. There is no control over playlists, no radio, no single track search, and no radio stations. You download Spotify Lite, and you get the music you are given.

This is a test

Spotify has made it clear that this is a test app and that the company wants your feedback. Users have already started chiming in with their opinions via reviews on the Google Play store. Most people seem to be asking for:

  • Premium users to be able to turn off shuffle
  • Control over playlists
  • An ability to decide sound quality for downloaded music. This will give more control over the amount of space that the files take up.

It is still early days though, so if you download Spotify Lite and can think of any way to make it better, let Spotify know about it.

The Lite app trend that we’re seeing is a really positive move from the industry. We’re happy that Spotify is on board and wants to bring its service to users with more basic devices. The music streaming specialist still has a long way to go with Spotify Lite, however, so hopefully, over time, we’ll see this app getting better and better, based on user comments and recommendations.

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