Spotify Introduces a New Timestamp Tool For Easier Sharing



You Can Now Share Specific Part of Podcast With Spotify’s New Timestamp Feature

Two weeks ago, music entertainment giant Spotify mentioned its new podcast subscription model that would rival the likes of Apple. It’s intent on pushing the new tool with the latest features and content, making it stand out as the ultimate solution for podcasters worldwide. And now, it’s showcasing a new Timestamp function where you can share a specific section of your recording.

This new feature means you can send a portion of a podcast to your friends and family so that they can hear the relevant part instead of the whole recording. When you find the part you want to send, you simply tap “Switch to Share”, and it’ll save that Timestamp. Your contacts will hear the podcast begin at that point.

Spotify Introduces a New Timestamp Tool For Easier Sharing

Spotify also indicated two other updates. The one revolves around Canvas, where you can alter any static songs into video art. While you could share these to Instagram before, it’s added Snapchat to the list of social media exchanges. It creates a new experience that you can enjoy with your followers.

Finally, Spotify has made the sharing menu visually more pleasing and clearer. This feature comes from several user complaints that the developer wanted to address. While these latest two updates are exciting, we’re sure more members will make use of the Timestamp tool.

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