Spotify for Podcasters offers in-depth listener data

Jacob Yothment


Finally, Spotify’s new podcaster-friendly service is here!


Spotify for Podcasters is a way for podcasters to have incredible analytics tools at their fingertips. Now podcasters will have a huge amount of data of their listers including their music tastes, gender, age, and location. They will also learn about their podcasts such as how long people typically listen to one of their podcasts, and at what point they stop.

For podcasters that don’t have the money or resources of shows like The Joe Rogan Experience, Spotify for Podcasters is probably the best analytics tool at their disposal. If you’re a podcaster, this tool is right up your alley.

Spotify also released this video to talk about all of the benefits of the new feature:

Wait, is Spotify stealing my data?

Don’t worry, Spotify is not mining user data. In order to listen to music on Spotify, you need to create an account. This account data is where Podcasters are getting all of their new analytics data.

Also, podcasters aren’t getting data that links back to specific users. Basically, if you listen to My Favorite Murder on Spotify, the creators won’t know that you specifically live in the U.S., are a man, and are between 18 and 25 years old. However, they will know that at least one of their listeners falls into those demographics.


What does it cost?

Spotify for Podcasters is free. But it’s important to note that Spotify won’t host your podcast. You need to provide a link to an RSS feed that’s on a hosting provider in order to get your podcast on Spotify.

You could upload your podcast to YouTube for free where there are a bunch of other great podcasts, but you won’t get access to these same detailed analytics tools.

Wrapping up

If you’re currently dipping your toes into the world of podcasts, we’ve got tons of helpful articles for you to check out below. Until then, make sure you check out Spotify for Podcasters to determine if it is the right tool for you!

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