Spotify finally increases download limit for offline listening

Madison Brown


Do the pros of Spotify Premium outweigh the cons? Free users of Spotify cannot choose specific songs to listen to; their playlists are on permanent shuffle. They also cannot listen to those playlists offline or skip more than six songs per hour. Today, Spotify made a change to one of those most annoying limitations.

Spotify Download Now

Old and busted

In order to download songs for offline listening (and avoid frequent ads), you must be a Spotify Premium subscriber. Previously, you were only able to download 3,333 songs to listen to offline per device. Upon attempting to download music – which can only be done over a steady Wi-Fi connection – most users received a pop up saying that they reached their limit. You’d have to remove songs one-by-one, sometimes totally removing full albums to make space. There was also a limit of three devices that you could download songs to on each account.

New hotness

According to Rolling Stone, the cap has been increased to 10,000 songs. Along with the rise in the number of songs, there’s also been an addition to the number of devices you can stream on, jumping up from three to five. Use this on five different devices, and you have access to 50,000 songs to listen to offline instead of 9,999 – a huge boost.

Unfortunately, the maximum number of songs total allowed in each user’s library is still at 10,000 per device, so even with the ceiling raise in offline downloading, you cannot have all of those same songs in your library. Hopefully, if Spotify sees enough positive consumer feedback, there will be a change here as well.

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