‘Play in Spotify’ feature added to Shazam

James Thornton


The music discovery app Shazam will soon allow you to listen to the songs you find directly on Spotify. Thanks to a new partnership between Shazam and Spotify, a ‘Play in Spotify’ feature will be added to the full range of Shazam’s free and premium apps for Android and iOS devices.

‘Play in Spotify’ is a welcome addition to Shazam, an app which we felt was in need of an injection of more functionality. In a recent post, we concluded that Shazam has now been surpassed by rival app Soundhound in terms of speed, accuracy and search capabilities. However, with Spotify now on board, Shazam could now recapture the imagination of music lovers. As Daniel Ek, CEO, Spotify points out:

Now if you hear a great new track you can identify it, listen to it instantly in its entirety and easily add it to your music collection. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

The ‘Play in Spotify’ feature is available as of now to users of premium app, Shazam Encore. The feature will also be included in the free version of the app later in Q1.

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