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How to get discounted Hulu and Showtime through Spotify

Mike Prazenica


Streaming services like Netflix and Pandora were once at the top of the media food chain. Through the years, however, Pandora has ceded to the innovative and customer-first streaming giant, Spotify. As for Netflix, well, they still have a stranglehold on streaming premium original content, but how long can the company churn out recycled stories and keep their massive customer base? Enter Hulu.

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Hulu has been around for a while, but it’s been living in the shadow of the Colossus for a majority of its lifespan. Hulu partnered with Spotify in 2017, creating a “first of its kind” bundle, offering both services for a discounted price. With a surge of new viewers, mainly among viewers 18-to-23, Spotify has decided to expand its roster and add Showtime to their value deal.

If you were to subscribe to all three services individually, the price would exceed $20. However, targeting the binge-watchers and budget ballers attending college has proven to be the next evolution for the three streaming giants. The trio is offering their services for the wallet-friendly price of $4.99. It’s an unbelievable steal for any media junkie. If you love music, movies or hit television shows, this is the must-have bundle right now.

There is a bit of a catch. To sign up for this incredible deal, you must be enrolled in an accredited and eligible university and visit this Spotify student site to register. For existing users, you’ll be able to upgrade your bundle just as easily and receive Spotify Premium for $0.99 for the first three months. Sign up now and receive all your favorite entertainment in one fell swoop.


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