Find new music with these 5 Spotify apps

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz


Spotify‘s integrated apps give you a ton of options for finding things to listen to, a challenge which has gotten a lot harder with the sheer amount of music available on the music streaming service. Where to begin? We give you a list of 5 cool Spotify apps to help you find new music on the popular streaming service.

Twitter #Music

Having acquired similar app We Are Hunted, the newest Spotify app imports songs that are trending on Twitter into various categories and playlists, including Superstars, Popular, Emerging, Unearthed and Hunted artists, as well as genre-based categories.

Find new music with these 5 Spotify apps

The breakdown of categories makes it really easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, and the cool thing about the app is that’s it’s all about what’s popular right now, so new things will always be popping up. As long as you’re a paying subscriber, you’ll be able to listen to trending songs on Spotify in their entirety without having a Twitter account.


Tunigo is perfect for finding new music based on your mood. With a list of genre-based categories featuring playlists with names like ‘American Hipster’ or ‘Hangover friendly singer/songwriter’, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to find something that fits your current emotional state. They also have a news section, a collection of news stories with related playlists that while may seem random (example: a news story called ‘Bill Murray is an Awkward Kisser’ with the playlist Pure Seduction), actually may just help you find exactly the playlist you’re looking for.

Hype Machine

The popular music-blog aggregator has a Spotify app that again helps you find music and playlists using an extensive list of genres. The added benefit of Hype Machine is the possibility of finding new music blogs to follow, not just new music.


A really unique concept, GeoTunes lets you search music through it’s relationship with a geographical location. Search cities, landmarks or destinations for songs related to or based upon that location. A world map view lets you zoom in and pin point specific cities, while the search function can help you find music with themes like ‘Urban Decay’ or ‘Riots’.


The original mobile app, available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, lets your friends choose what songs they want to hear from your playlists, an especially good app for parties and social gatherings. You name your jukebox and location so that your friends can easily find it, dragging and dropping your playlists into the app.

Using the Spotify app is similar, but in this case, your cell phone works as a remote control: any friend that has the Playmysong app on their device can look through your playlists and choose which song they want to hear next by adding it to the song queue. This app may not be as good for discovering music, but it’s a cool way to recognize similar tastes in music between you and your friends. The social aspect means you can sign in using Facebook or Twitter.

Which Spotify apps are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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