23 keyboard shortcuts to make the most of your music on Spotify

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Spotify is one of the most popular programs for streaming music, and you may find that a lot of time can be lost while you’re scrolling and clicking in order to manage your music. Luckily, Spotify has some great keyboard shortcuts, to ensure that you’ll never miss a beat again!

23 keyboard shortcuts to make the most of your music on Spotify

As they’re very similar to other programs, they’re very easy to learn, , but don’t hesitate in adding this page as a favorite so it’s always to hand! You’ll be a Spotify master in no time at all!

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23 keyboard shortcuts for Spotify

Ctrl+N – Create a new list

Ctrl+X – Cut

Ctrl+C – Copy

Ctrl+Alt+C – Copy

Ctrl+V – Paste

Del – Delete

Ctrl+A – Select all

Space – Pause

Ctrl + Right – Next track

Ctrl + Left – Previous track

Ctrl + Up – Increase volume

Ctrl + Down – Decrease volume

Ctrl + Shift + Down – Minimum volume

Ctrl + Shift + Up – Maximum volume

F1 – Show help

Ctrl + F – Filter songs / lists

Ctrl + L – Search box

Alt + Left – Go back

Alt + Right – Go forward

Enter – Play selected list

Ctrl + P – Favorites

Ctrl + Shift + W – Sign out of current user

Alt + F4 – Close Spotify

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